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Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing the right pair of glasses can be difficult. There are more options every day that merge form and function, and having too many choices can be just as daunting as only having one. Style is different for everyone. At Pathway Eye, our optometrists provide a wide variety of eyeglasses. We will determine your prescription and help you choose the right frames to match your lifestyle. Visit one of our locations in Athens, Huntsville, Madison, Rogersville, in Alabama, or Chattanooga and Ooltewah in Tennessee.

Choosing the Right Glasses

Types of Rims

Rims are a part of the frame. They're the part that holds the lenses in place. You can get different types of rims based on your personal style.

  • Full rim: A rim style where the material covers the entire perimeter of the lens. Choose this if you want a sturdy, standard pair of glasses. The downside is that full-rim glasses are heavier than others, and people who are used to lighter frames may be uncomfortable for a few weeks.
  • Half rim: The rim only surrounds part of the lenses. Typically, this means the top or the bottom of the lens, but side rims are also available. They usually weigh less than full frames but can be less sturdy. There is usually a thin plastic wire that helps the lens stay in place.
  • Rimless: Either no rim is used, or a thin plastic wire holds the lens in place. Usually, the lens is held in place by the legs of the glasses frame piercing into the lens through a fitted opening, or a nose clasp at the bridge.

Some lens prescriptions may not be able to fit certain rims, frames, or styles. Rimless frames are more than just a style preference. Frames are in your field of vision, and some people prefer to see the world without frames in their view. Many people don't care as long as they can see better. If you are more active, you may want rims that are sturdy and less prone to breaking. Our optometrist will help you figure out your lens and rim limitations.

Face and Frame Shape

There are also different shapes of frames to choose from. You can decide which shape is best based on your face shape.

  • Oval: Oval faces are longer than they are wide. This face shape benefits from glasses that widen the face, and are best paired with rectangle-shaped frames.
  • Square: Square faces are already a striking feature, so unless you're going for a strictly uniform shape, it's best to break up the monotony by using circle or oval frames.
  • Circle: Round faces benefit from a more rigid frame shape, so squares or frames with points tend to match better. 
  • Heart: This face shape already delivers a lot of definition and stand-out feature value, so oval or square-shaped frames are best here.

Some of these shapes and descriptions can be subjective, and some faces may fit multiple profiles. Our optical team will help you determine what frame shape works best with your features and style. You can also consider the color and material of frames.

Visit Our Eye Doctors for New Eyeglasses

If you're not sure what type of glasses to pick, we can help. At Pathway Eye, our optical team will help you try on frames and decide which ones work best for you. The first step in getting eyeglasses is to get an eye exam from our optometrist. Contact one of our locations in Athens, Huntsville, Madison, Rogersville, in Alabama, or Chattanooga and Ooltewah in Tennessee. We will determine what prescription you need and help you choose between glasses and contacts. After choosing your lenses, you can explore frames. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.