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Eye and Vision Exams

Pathway Eye, your optometrists in Athens, Rogersville, Madison, Huntsville, and Chattanooga wants all of our patients to keep preventative health care as a priority, particularly when it comes to something as valuable as your vision. We encourage our patients to schedule routine eye and vision exams to keep up with the changes in their eyes and detect any signs of problems that may develop.


The Value of Sight for Your Entire Family 

It usually takes an injury or another problem with our eyes to make us realize just how much we depend on clear vision for almost everything. Getting a full check-up at Pathway Eye gives you the best chance of staying ahead of any concerns before they become bigger problems. Beginning the process of learning to read and then using it to guide a child through their studies, vision becomes very important to children immediately. Recent studies also show an increase in the development of nearsightedness in children. Schedule eye and vision exams for your child early in life to protect their sense of sight and better equip them for learning and for life.

Up-To-Date Prescriptions 

You have probably noticed the repetition of eye chart tests when you go in for yearly eye and vision exams. This is because lens prescriptions can change frequently. Viewing objects through an inaccurate prescription will often cause eye strain. Your vision and eye health can change and decline naturally as you get older, so changes to your prescription are normal and to be expected. Our optometrists know the importance of keeping your prescription up-to-date and will detect subtle changes that need to be addressed.

Eye Diseases and Other Conditions 

The series of tests at your routine eye and vision exam are used to check your eyes for signs of serious diseases that can endanger not only your vision but sometimes your general health as well. Moving and disappearing/reappearing objects and lights can track the ability of your eyes to focus and work together.

Eye drops are used to dilate your pupils so the optometrist can examine your optic nerve, retina, and other parts of your eye in detail to detect any signs of deterioration. Tonometry tests measure intraocular pressure, or pressure built up within your eyewall, which can result in glaucoma. Glaucoma can cause irreversible damage to your vision if left untreated and needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Tests performed during an exam can also reveal signs of other conditions, including high blood pressure and diabetes. Getting a handle on these illnesses as soon as possible helps in managing your overall health.

Get Quality Eye Care in Athens, Rogersville, Madison, Huntsville, and Chattanooga 

Take good care of your eyes with some help from our team at Pathway Eye in Athens or one of our other five locations. Call us today or contact us through our website by using our online contact form.