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Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that primarily affects older adults over the age of 60. At Pathway Eye, we are committed to providing the best eye care possible, including testing and managing ocular conditions. With six locations throughout Alabama and Tennessee, we're a trusted source for many patients searching for quality eye care.


Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma usually occurs when there's an excessive build-up of pressure in the front region of the eye, which causes various issues, including vision loss. Over time, this pressure can damage the tiny fibers in your optic nerve. There are currently more than three million people who have glaucoma across the country, but only half of them actually know it. That's why it's essential to 6maintain routine eye exams so our eye doctors can diagnose glaucoma in its early stages before symptoms set in. The two main types of glaucoma:

  • Open-angle glaucoma is the more common form of glaucoma, making up about 90 percent of all cases. It can develop over time, sometimes for years.
  • Angle-closure glaucoma happens when there is a rapid spike in your intraocular pressure, which is a very serious condition. Angle-closure is less common than open-angle glaucoma.

Glaucoma Symptoms and Risk Factors

One of the biggest issues with this eye disease is that there are no symptoms present in its early stages. A yearly visit to our eye clinic is imperative to diagnose glaucoma early on. Many times, people only realize they have glaucoma after they start to lose peripheral vision.

If you have glaucoma, some possible symptoms you may experience include blurry vision, intense eye pain, halos around lights, nausea or headaches, and even vomiting. If you're noticing any of these symptoms, it's essential to call one of our optometry clinics right away. Certain individuals have a greater risk of developing glaucoma than others. These include older adults if you have a family history of the disease, or other health conditions, such as increased blood pressure and diabetes.

How We Can Help

One of our optometrists will perform tests to check for glaucoma. These can include a visual field test and tonometry (which measures the pressure inside your eyes).  Although there is no cure for glaucoma, treatments for managing this condition include medication, laser surgery, and certain devices to help you see better.

Visit Us for Your Next Eye Exam

It's important to get your eyes checked at least once every year and if you notice any changes in their appearance or feel any pain or discomfort. If you're not sure how our optometry team can help, don't hesitate to contact our staff at Pathway Eye for more information. We have four locations in AL, including Huntsville, Madison, Rogersville, and Athens, and two in TN, Chattanooga, and Ooltewah. Call us today to schedule your appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.