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Pediatric Eye Care

Pediatric Eye Care at Pathway Eye

Eye and vision care are instrumental for ensuring that your child's eyes are healthy and have no vision complications that can disrupt their school performance and daily life. That means regular pediatric eye exams to detect any issues before they grow worse and having them addressed. At Pathway Eye, our optometrists offer pediatric eye care to maintain your child's proper eye health. We serve Madison, Rogersville, Athens, and Huntsville, AL and Ooltewah, Chattanooga, and Collegedale, Tennessee.

Pediatric Eye Care

What Is Pediatric Eye Care?

Pediatric eye care is the medical specialty of providing comprehensive eye health, vision testing, diagnosis, and treatment of eye diseases for infants and children. Pediatric optometry can also provide parents with insight into their child's visual development as well as advice on any issues that may impact their child's quality of life. Some of the processes involved in pediatric eye care include:

  • Vision Testing: During a vision test, our eye doctors will check how well the eyes see at different distances and under various conditions. Basic tests may be performed to determine visual acuity (sharpness) using an eye chart or other vision testing machine. Our optometrists may also perform more advanced tests such as color blindness testing, depth perception assessment, focus checks, and reflex tests.
  • Eye Exams: Pediatric eye exams can save your child's sight. During our evaluation process, we will discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child's ability to see. Our optometrists look for common conditions in children, including crossed eyes, lazy eye, drooping eyelids, poor depth perception, and strabismus (a vision condition where the eyes look in different directions).

To ensure your child's eyes are developing properly, our pediatric optometrists routinely assess several key vision development areas, including alignment & focusing skills. During this process, we check for blurry vision, double vision, or other concerns that could signal possible developmental issues. Our optometrists also screen for head tilts which can indicate neurological or inner-ear issues while providing a complete checkup of your child's ocular health.

Why Is Pediatric Eye Care Important?

Children need to be regularly screened by a pediatric optometrist because many conditions that start during childhood don't become apparent until later in life. A professional examination allows us to detect problems early or even prevent them from occurring at all. If any eye-related conditions are caught early on, we can offer effective treatment before symptoms set in. So, even if your child appears or acts normally, pediatric eye exams are an essential part of their overall well-being.

Visit Pathway Eye for Quality Pediatric Eye Care

Are you searching for an experienced optometrist for your child's eye care? At Pathway Eye, we are committed to providing you and your family high-quality eye care. Our pediatric eye exams help maintain your child's eye health and vision. In addition, the exams will help address any problems early, so any eye condition will not hinder your child as they develop. Contact us today to schedule your child's next eye exam or to learn more about how our pediatric eye care can help.