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Sports Vision

The Importance of Sports Vision Eyeglasses

Sports Vision

If you have vision issues, it is paramount that you do whatever you can to keep your vision in tip-top shape. For some people, they neglect that in some ways, and one of those ways is for when they are playing sports. However, no matter how inconvenient it may seem, it is both important and more convenient than you may realize. Our optometrists at Pathway Eye in Athens, Huntsville, Madison, Rogersville, Ooltewah, and Chattanooga in AL and TN know how sports players can keep playing sports without compromising their vision health.

What Are Sports Vision Eyeglasses?

Sports vision eyeglasses are merely the method by which a person can play sports while wearing eyeglasses without worrying about them falling off. Sports vision eyeglasses basically involve frames that wrap around your head, ensuring that, beyond extreme circumstances, won't come off your head.

The Benefits of Sports Vision Eyeglasses

An eye doctor would strongly recommend that you investigate something like this. The obvious reason is that it helps you with your vision issues. Any optometrist will tell you that going for an extended period without lenses to correct your vision can do long-term harm. However, that is not the extent of it. An eye doctor will also advise that poor vision can hurt your academic prospects as well.

Poor vision can cause you poor depth perception, meaning that you may underperform as a result. Another issue is that blurry vision may prevent you from accurately gauging details, which in fast-paced sports like basketball and football — sports where a lack of eyeglasses can be extremely detrimental in — can make it especially difficult. Hand-eye coordination is often reduced as a result of poor vision. Awareness isn't the limit of the harm either; eye strain is common, which can lead to dizziness, headaches, and more. Any intensive sport is inherently going to make having these issues not just reduce performance, but also potentially put your health at risk.

Sports vision eyeglasses are a lot more common than they used to be. In fact, they can look downright stylish, so players should not feel anxious about the idea of wearing them. You're likely to find a lot of players in Alabama or Tennessee on your level or even better wearing something similar.

Get Your Sports Vision Eyeglasses from an Optometrist at Pathway Eye in Alabama and Tennessee Today

If you are ready to get equipped with sports vision lenses, you should consult with one of our optometrists at Pathway Eye in AL and TN today. You can find our locations in Chattanooga (423) 468-3305, Ooltewah (423) 468-3305, Rogersville (256) 247-5252, Madison (256) 233-5454, Huntsville (256) 880-8058, and Athens (256) 233-2393.